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Devil7 Devil



In an ultra-small footprint for this much compute power, the Devil delivers up to 400 cores of computing muscle without requiring a dedicated server room, dedicated power runs, or a specialized environment. The Devil can live in a creative office environment, and connects as needed to multiple Demons to supercharge your work with the fastest I/O connectivity on the planet.

With this many computing cores all optimized in a supercomputer configuration, you have essentially unlimited power to drive all your render intensive and graphic intensive jobs in literally a fraction of the time of normal desktop computing. The Devil brings a completely new level of performance to a non-server room work environment, that creative shops can really take advantage of.

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Demon7 Demon

More Power For Less Money

The Demon is hands down a smarter, better designed computer for your visually intensive computing needs. Today’s off-the-shelf computing is wasteful, as can be seen when you configure a competitor’s desktop system for the needs of the creative professional. Typically built without concern for the end user, these computers are often overpriced, or aren’t offered with the correct components that work well for your needs.

The Demon can be configured for exactly the kind of work you do, with a focus on CPU or GPU power, or an optimized balance of both. And the best part: This custom configuration comes at a lower price than off-the-shelf computing, but with the correct components you need for your work. A lower price and a better system… that’s why the Demon deserves a serious look.

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The team

The Devil & Demon Strategy is focused on changing the working model for computing in our industry. Our team comes from entertainment and post-production, so we understand your needs.

Chief Evil Officer
President Evil
Evil Brainiac
Maniacal Managing Director
Mad Scientist
Amy started her career in front of the camera, as a professional SAG/AFTRA-accredited actress and model, working nationally and internationally in film, TV, theater and commercials for over 20 years. Looking to play a role behind the camera, Amy quickly moved into the role of producer on various live and stage productions. She is currently producer, with Barry Navidi, on the upcoming feature film production of King Lear, starring Al Pacino.

In addition to creating content, Amy has always been fascinated with behind-the-scenes creativity and technology. The idea for a mobile digital and visualization system led her to call Virginia Tech's Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, one of the supercomputer industries’ leading experts. Their common vision of bringing low cost, high throughput supercomputer technology into the entertainment market led to the creation of the Silverdraft Devil/Demon system, and the accompanying server technology, dubbed AViate.

Amy is passionate about giving artists the freedom to be creative in their work. She is the driving force in both the business and capital development segments of Silverdraft, staying closely involved in the company’s relationships with entertainment companies and technology partners.
Ted was founding member, first employee, and part of the camera development team at RED Digital Cinema, that has made a significant impact on the Motion Picture Industry, with many of the worlds biggest movies now being shot with these ultra high resolution digital movie cameras.

In addition to his role with SilverDraft and the Devil&Demon strategy, Ted currently has a studio deal at FOX studios, working directly with the Presidents of Production and Post Production at the studio on the constantly evolving art and science of Digital Movie Making. He advises and creates strategy for the future technology and vision of Cinema for the next generation.

Before co-founding RED Digital Cinema, Ted was on the team that developed and launched the Macintosh products desktop video division of AJA Video Systems, that created the groundbreaking Kona Cards and IO boxes. These products are used on a massive scale worldwide for video production and post production.

Ted is also one of the founders and creators of the G-Tech product line of advanced hard drive storage products, that are implemented worldwide for professional Television and Multimedia content creation, and are the most recognized brand in the space.

Ted brings his extensive background of creating products that matter to our industry and is driving the Devil and Demon strategy with the same gusto as he has with Red, G-Tech and AJA.
In 2003, Srinidhi was a 30-year old assistant professor of computer science at Virginia Tech when he took on the task of creating one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. In only six months, and for a remarkably low $5.2 million (similar systems of this class cost upwards of $40 million, and take years to assemble), Srinidhi had created the third fastest supercomputer with off-the-shelf parts, rivaled only by Japan’s Earth Simulator and Los Alamos National Laboratory’s ASCI Q.

Shortly after his accomplishment, Amy Gile contacted Srinidhi with a new challenge. How do we create this supercomputer technology for an entertainment market notoriously mired in a workstation mentality? With that question, Silverdraft was born.

Srinidhi, whose pioneering work in supercomputing, parallel processing, scalable network emulation, and network routing algorithms, is responsible for the research, design, build, functionality and revolutionary speed of the supercomputer that powers both AViate and the Devil systems. He presently serves at Virginia Tech University as the Director for the Center of High-End Computing Systems, and he also currently serves as the Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science. In addition to his roles in academia, Srinidhi’s company AppAssure, a leader in backup and replication software, was purchased by Dell in 2012.
John began his professional career as a cinematographer for film and television after graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. While still enjoying success in cinematography, John discovered computer animation. Self-taught, he quickly learned how to adapt his love of the visual world to that of the digital. By 1992, his work caught the attention of Amblin Entertainment, as they were putting into place what would become Amblin Imaging, Steven Spielberg's own digital effects facility.

John's strong artistic background as well as his knowledge of how to merge motion picture production and computer technology made him an ideal choice for Vice-President/General Manager of Amblin Imaging. In 1996, John later co-founded Santa Monica-based Digital Muse where, under his guidance, the company produced visual effects for a wide range of television clientele including Deep Space Nine, X-Files, Sliders, Hercules, and Star Trek: Voyager; the latter of which won him an Emmy Award for computer graphics.

After leaving Digital Muse, John helped establish visual effects companies including Hollywood Digital West, Encore Video and, most recently, Pixomondo. John has continued to incorporate his filmmaking skills into the digital world, working as a producer with animation houses such as Vinton Studios (now Laika) and Sententia Entertainment to create long form feature animation and live-action divisions.

As Managing Director, John brings his extensive background in both the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking to Silverdraft.
Erik, Silverdraft’s Mad Scientist, has more than 25 years experience in Information System and Technology. Erik spent his early years in the computer, biotech and electronic design fields, where Erik created and built high content, high throughput image analysis, computational cluster and grid computing systems, as well as laboratory automation systems and large scale SAN storage arrays.

Erik firmly believes that every detail matters in Silverdraft’s designs. His passion resides in the careful consideration of how every component works in unison, and feels this is the most crucial first step in developing fast, reliable and cost effective systems. Equally important to Erik is the integration of systems with a client’s working software, insuring that Silverdraft’s Devil & Demon Strategy is not simply fast, but works well for each clients’ needs.


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